Care Coordination – Section 20

Care Coordinators for Adults (Mainecare Section 20)

Using a collaborative approach, Morrison Center provides its adult clients with high-quality Care Coordination services to help navigate and maximize an individual’s available resources. Our goal is to respect individuality and personal visions while achieving specific goals. We promote the well-being of the individuals we serve as we advocate on their behalf. At all times, integrity and honesty are an integral part of our services. For more information, please contact:

Our Care Coordinators are experienced and efficient at:

  • Nurturing client relationships with family, service providers, and the community
  • Protecting the individual rights of clients
  • Supporting the physical & emotional health and well-being of the individual
  • Coordination in supported residential and day program options
  • Helping with transportation and accessibility issues
  • Ensuring that the plan of care is completed
  • Ensuring that MED assessments and reassessments are completed on time